Thk. 1 Faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing2019EXQ Construction TechnologyAssignment Brief Module Title: Construction Technology IndividualCourseworkCohort (Sept/Jan)Module Code: 2019EXQCoursework Title: Basement and Superstructure ConstructionHand out date: 10Lecturer TaskHAJL 14 4 em.ukTukDue date and time: hoursAULATurnitin SubmissionEstimated Time (hrs): 40 hours per student self-guidedWord Limit*: 1500Coursework type: Individual 50% of Module Mark Submission arrangement online via AULA: PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE DONE VIA TURNITIN ONLY. HARDCOPY, E MAILOR ANY OTHER FORM OF SUBMISSION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.File types and method of recording: Technical ReportMark and Feedback date: (18/12/20)Mark and Feedback method: written feedback via Turnitin and marks via GradebookModule Learning Outcomes Assessed: Aim: To clearly demonstrate your technical knowledge and skills, appropriate at level 5for a commercial construction project as evidenced in the 2019EXQ Module. The intended learning outcomes are that on satisfactory completion of this coursework you should be able to demonstrate technical comprehension of the following learning outcomes as stated in the MID i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4 & 61.Understand the importance of pre-construction activities on a commercial construction project and identify the difference between site investigations and ground investigations.2.Evaluate alternative methods of substructure construction suitable for industrial andcommercial buildings.3.Discuss the factors influencing the form of and methods of constructing framed structures and wide span structuralroofing systems in steel and concrete, including wind loadings, forces and stresses that may apply to high rise buildings.4.Evaluate the alternative forms of external envelope and floor construction used for industrial and commercial buildings.6.Apply knowledge, understanding and simple design procedures of acoustic, thermal, ventilation, air conditioning and fire protection systems to control the internal environment of different types of building.Application of A, D, F and L of current Building Regulations to building services

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.Evaluate alternative methods of substructure construction suitable for industrial and commercial buildings.
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