Ethics In Action (Ethics Mini-Cases) – Statistical Decision Techniques

Ethics in Action (Ethics Mini-Cases) Response Form
For this assignment, you should download and save this form. Fill it out in response to the Ethics in Action Case. You should consider ethically and statistically sound approaches to the questions raised in these features. The underlying principle here is that unethical statistical practice is bad science and leads to unsound decision making.
Consult these guides before you start answering the mini-cases:
Please also see the Guide pdf files available under Resources at the beginning of this course.
Fill out one (1) of these forms for each mini-case and upload your response to the appropriate Assignment Forum.
All Ethics in Action Cases are found in:
1. Sharpe, DeVeaux, Velleman. (2014). Business statistics. 3rd edition. Pearson.
ISBN: 0321925831
List of Ethics in Action Cases:
1. “Sara” p. 11 (not the Jim Case).
C:/Users/HCSS Staff/Desktop/Summer Course/Statistic/Ethics In Action Sarah p11.PNG
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Course Title: MMG 525.ON01 Statistical Decision Techniques for Managers
Summer 2018
Ethics in Action Case Title:
Page Number:
Respond to each question with several sentences. The best responses will use the case material itself to show what is going on and what is going wrong.
1. Identify the ethical dilemma in this scenario,
2. What are the undesirable consequences?
3. Propose an ethical solution that considers the welfare of all stakeholders.

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