Complete the 13-slide Erikson’s Eight Stages of Psychosocial Development presentation template. Instructions for what to include in the presentation are provided in the speaker notes section for each slide, which can be accessed by clicking the View tab at the top, then clicking Notes.


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As you work through the presentation template, you will replace the instructions in the speaker notes section with actual speaker notes—that is, sentences that represent what you would say about each slide if you were to give the presentation in person. The required word count for the speaker notes for each slide is 100 words.




Ensure that you have installed Microsoft® Office 365 prior to beginning this assignment. The University provides this for you through PhoenixConnect. If you do not already have this installed, go to Office365 ProPlus & Email Support and follow the 5 steps to install Office365 on your computer. View PC-PowerPoint 2013 – View Speaker Notes or PC-PowerPoint – View Speaker Notes for a brief visual demonstration on adding speaker notes to your presentation.


You may conduct a search for PowerPoint tutorials in the Media Library for additional assistance using Microsoft® PowerPoint®.


You may add pictures and graphics to enhance your presentation, and you are welcome to change the design layout of the presentation.



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