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1.    SOCIAL PROBLEM: Definition of the problem, using credible sources; Nature & extent of the problem, including statistics, major causes, and major consequences. THIS section was done in your FALL PAPER. For THIS PAPER, you need to begin this paper with your social problem section from the policy one course, specifically the name of the problem, prevalence of the problem, major causes and major consequences.

2.    POLICY IN U. S.:  This is your Policy section from the policy one course. You address how the problem is addressed in the United States, with a focus on one major federal or state policy. Describe the policy in detail, including, but not limited to, as applicable: when and by whom created; purpose(s); major provisions, including, as applicable, & how access, financing, administration, and quality are addressed, and, if applicable eligibility, coverage, payment/reimbursement; financing, administration, and fines/penalties, if applicable;  evidence of the impacts and outcomes (pro and con) of the policy; and remaining gaps in addressing your social problem that were not effectively addressed by the major policy. THIS section was done in 5005/3003. For the 5006/3004 paper you need to copy over this section from the prior paper and be sure it addresses all points adequately, UNLESS you did not effectively do the policy section in your prior paper.

3.    COMPARATIVE POLICY ANALYSIS: Choose AT LEAST two major policies, one each from ANY TWO other levels of government (local, state, national), depending on the level of focus of your topic, and describe each policy in detail, including, but not limited to, all the same points addressed in the major U. S. policy discussed above. You must select policies from other places which address the social problem better than the one major U.S. policy you selected, ideally based on studies or reports on the policy’s effectiveness. The purpose is to evaluate these two policies as alternatives to the current major policy you focused on in the United States, in terms of better addressing the underlying social problem in the United States, at your selected level of government. Extra credit will be given if you examine more than two policy alternatives. THIS IS A NEW SECTION.

For this section, please use the following format: for each of the alternative policies:

Alternative Policy One
Policy Description (when created, by whom, major provisions, etc.)
Policy Advantages (Pros, based on evidence)
Policy Disadvantages (Cons, based on evidence)

4.    POLICY RECOMMENDATION: Drawing on your analysis of policy alternatives in the preceding section, and giving your specific rationale therefrom, make your recommendation(s) on how the policy should be changed at your selected level of government in the United States based on a rationale as to how specifically your recommendation would better address social justice, social consequences, and economic consequences of your selected problem/topic than the current major policy in the United States (which you described in point 2). Your recommendation may be to adopt one alternative policy or more or parts of different alternative policies

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