Paper instructions:

An annotated bibliography is your research for your research paper–it is a works cited page with annotations for each source. Each annotation needs to be *your own words* and should be 100-150 words, in alphabetical order. You should explore how you will be using each source, what the main arguments are within each source, what kind of claim they are making, any counter arguments they provide, as well as if there are any charts or other types of data that you will be putting in an appendix within your research paper. You will use MLA formatting (pages 801-804 in our book).
You need to have 10-12 sources, and this is the list of types of sources you need to have:
2-3 books (these can be electronic versions of the books, if you cannot get the physical copies)
5-6 articles (a collection of essays by different authors within a book is considered an article)
1-2 websites that are not wikipedia, any advertising, or for-profit business. So this would be an edu, org, gov or other legit site
1-2 other sources–this can be an interview, a documentary, pamphlet, or other non-traditional source.

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