Question 6: (a) Applying the various motivation theories in human resource management, make a necessary recommendations to motivate the personnel in the following scenarios. Write at least 100 words for each scenario. 1) An experienced and senior technician of an Oil and Gas company who has been in the workforce for almost 25 years is already performing very poorly in the maintenance department. [4] 6) A newly hired Mechanical engineer as company’s Deputy Manager Production of Lube Oil department, [4 (b) Discuss briefly the importance of ‘Training and Development’ in reducing staff turnover in the organization. Provide at least two examples to support your answer. [4] (c) Develop a simple FMECA for a high capacity centrifugal pump used in waste water treatment plant. Provide at least three failure modes, cause of failures, failure effects, detection techniques, and the corresponding occurence, detection, and severity, and RPN, and preventive actions. [8]

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Elucidate the the Importance of ‘Training and Development’ in Reducing Staff Turnover in the Organization.
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