Paper instuctions:

17-1 Define quality. For management and control purposes, define the two primary components of
17-2 What are the reasons that the cost of poor quality reached an epidemic level before U.S. companies
were motivated to do something about the problem in the 1980s?
17-3 What is TQM? At what point can a firm consider its effort to achieve total quality management
17-4 What is the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and the ISO 9000 certificate? Why do many
firms in the United States seek them?
17-5 In what respect are traditional accounting systems deficient in terms of the goal of managing and
controlling quality?
17-6 Why is continuous quality improvement kaizen essential to achieve TQM and critical to an organization’s
success and competitive position?
17-7 Describe the major elements of a comprehensive framework for managing and controlling quality,
such as the framework presented in Exhibit 17.2 .
17-8 What are the purposes of conducting a quality audit?
17-9 What is meant by Six Sigma? What five steps are usually associated with Six Sigma applications?
17-10 What implementation guidelines can you offer for ensuring the success of a Six Sigma program?

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