A Moving to another question will save this response. estion 37 Two of the simplest principles of customer service include: A. Creating needs in your customers and trying to satisfy those needs B. Selling the product first and explaining how the product benefits the customer C. Preparing the idea for a service and finding a customer to fit the service D. Finding out what the customer needs and doing whatever is necessary to satisfy those needs Moving to another question will save this response. Chp 26 -> Moving to another question will save this response. Question 26 of 40 uestion 26 2.5 points Save Answer Michael has an argument with his supervisor over certain responsibilities assigned to him. He contends that the wording of his contract is ambiguous and believes that the duties assigned to him are not part of his job description. In the context of the sources of conflict, in this scenario, Michael’s disagreement with his supervisor is an example of: A. negotiation-of-selves conflicts. B. values conflicts. C. content conflicts. OD. institutionalized conflicts. M

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