Which of the following is a main source of ethics? *

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Elucidate the Main Source of Ethics
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A company is paying a governmental body an amount of money to facilitate some bureaucratic procedures. Thus, this is an unethical act known as ________ falling under the category of ________. *
Bribery; corruption
Appreciation; corruption
Invasion of taxes; unfair competition
Bribery; unfair competition

How do the proponents of the economic model defend their view? *
They believe that the generation of profits and the distribution of dividends might be detrimental to the organizational stockholders
They believe that conforming to the stockholders needs helps the firm grow and progress
They believe that the economic model is highly successful and that it helps them implement another form of business responsibility which is the stockholder model
They believe that the legal model, stakeholder model, and CSR model failed to prove their significance

In the past, XYZ Company used to employ children who were 12 years old and below and to give preference in the promotion policies to male employees over female employees. These issues no longer exist due to the rotation in the managerial positions and the radical change in the philosophy of the firm. Yet, XYZ still requires some of the employees who are in financial need to work below the minimum wage set by the government. Thus, the ethical issue that XYZ is still committing is ________. *
Employee distraction
Workplace discrimination
Forced labor
Child labor

The proponents of the stockholder model believe in the idea that ________. *
Business needs a governmental interference
Business is not a charity
Business is a charity
Business must primarily satisfy its stakeholders

In an attempt to help the patients suffering from Cirrhosis disease, XYZ – a pharmaceutical company – launched an effective medication for that purpose. Studies conducted in the medical labs of the company show that 49% of the patients receiving this medication will absolutely get cured, whereas the rest will face contra-effects that would fasten their death. How would this action be viewed from a consequence-based perspective and a duty-based perspective? *
Unethical as per the consequence-based approach and ethical as per the duty-based approach
Unethical as per both the consequence-based and the duty-based approaches
Ethical as per both the consequence-based and the duty-based approaches
Ethical as per the consequence-based approach and unethical as per the duty-based approach

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