. (a) Break-even point (BEP) analysis is a decision-making aid that enables a manager to determine whether a particular volunc of sales will result in losses or profits. Assumes that sules prices are (i) Give two (2) limitations of BEP analysis? constant at all levels output Sacunes onduction (2 marks) v and sales are the same Mr. Alex oyn a coffee stall. It costs of RM 5.90 to make a cup of colie and RM for the cost of stall rental and other facilities monthly. Calculate the price of each cup should Mr. Alex sell. Assumes that the breakeven point of this business is 2000 cups of coffees. (2 marks) (b) 7 QC Tools are the ways for collecting data, analyzing data. identifying root causes, and measuring the results. With help of diagram, explain and give the usage of: (i) Pareto Diagram (ii) Cause and effect diagram 16 marks)

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Elucidate the Limitations of Break-Even Point {BEP} Analysis
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