Paper instructions:

Submit a term paper on an important historical person in the humanities (such as an artist, dancer, musician, poet, etc.).

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Elucidate the Importance of Historical Artists Humanities.
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1000-1500 written words
Cite 3-5 scholarly resources from Barstow College Library Electronic Resources or Google Scholar (make sure they are scholarly!)
Do NOT use internet websites
Your paper should include a 250-word biography of the artist. In addition, the paper should include a description, formal analysis, and interpretation of 2 works of art by that artist.

250 word biography of your artist
750 word description, analysis, and interpretation of two works of art
In a conclusion, tell me why you chose this artist
A Bibliography with 3-5 electronic sources (do not use internet websites): Please contact one of our librarians for assistance in locating appropriate sources: Barstow Community College Library
Do not use our textbook as a reference.
Do not use Wikipedia as a reference.
Do not “recycle” an essay from a previous course.
Use a Word processing program to type your essay that you will submit by uploading it here
Give me good research, not mythological musings from someone.

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