• Starting date of this assignment is March 4th and the due date is March 30th. Please hand the assignment before the due date to avoid losing marks.
  • In your writing use Times New Romans style and the line size should be 12.
  • Line spacing should be double space.
  • Provide at least one reference.
  • Write in your own words and avoid plagiarism.


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Elucidate the Global Warming and Human Populations
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Answer all the following questions:

1-      To reduce the number of human populations, China decided to reduce the number of members of a single family by allowing each family to have only one child.

A.    Is the China’s move may help our planet to decrease the level of pollution? Explain.

B.     Is the increasing of human population the only reason of raising the level of pollution? Explain.

(your answer should be in 350 words at least)

  • In your words explain the global warming and define the following:
  1. The causes of global warming.
  2. The most effective ways to control the global warming.

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