. In the economic order quantity model that allows quantity discount, which of the following is an attempt to answer? a. What is the lowest purchase price? b. Use fixed order quantity or fixed order time? c. How many products to order in each order? d. What is the shortest lead time? e. What is the lowest stock amount to meet the quality of service that customers expect? Add PDF Dos 12. In accordance with the decision taken in the inventory management, the decision “order 100 more pieces when the stock level reaches the 14 stock computers” is applied. Accordingly, which of the following is true? MEÜ.EÖ.FR-212/01 Sayfa 2/3 Yayın Tarihi : 08.04.2011 = a. 100 re-order points and 14 show the quantity b. The number 100 indicates the demand function to be applied during the term of the term. c. 14 shows security stocks and 100 indicates reorder points d. 14 shows reorder points and 100 shows order quantity e. None of the above is true ( 13. Which of the following can be said for the Production Order Quantity (POQ model? a. Eliminates the assumption that demand is known and constant b. Uses order cost instead of establishment cost in total inventory cost formula c. Assumes delivery of orders at once d. Causes more stock than ESM model e. The POQ model is suitable if the product in stock is sold / used as production is made. w 14. Which of the following can be considered among the advantages of the fixed order time model? a. There is no need for physical count in stock every time the products in stock are output b. No need to keep inventory records c. Orders are usually made in small quantities d. Average stock level drops e. Suppliers are more likely to cooperate 15. Which of the following can be considered among the disadvantages of the fixed order time model? a. Additional inventory records are needed b. Average stock level drops c. It is possible not to have any products in stock since there is no stock count during the review period d. Orders are generally higher e. Includes higher order cost than fixed order quantity model

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