Paper instructions:

Analyze the current industrial environment your chosen industry segment to include an analysis of the following:

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Economic aspects of the industry and/or changes that impact your industry
Political/legal – are there political issues or changes in legal requirements for this industry? Any policy issues or changes at federal, state and/or local levels?
Technology- how does changing technology impact this industry such as use of tools, communications or the internet? Any technological changes that can either positively or negatively impact your chosen industry?
Competitors- who are the major competitors in this industry, and how do they compete (on price/volume/product/service terms/salespeople etc. Are competitors more aggressive or are competitors reduced in numbers due to business failures?
Global – explain how the global business environment has affected this industry.

Formatting Guidelines
Important: Follow the guidelines in a report format. Include the following elements:

An introduction
Develop and describe each component in a separate paragraph in the body of your paper
Cite any sources you have consulted in a separate works cited page
Use Times New Roman 12 pt. font
Spell- and grammar check your paper!

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