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Telecommuting and answer the questions in that case (pg. 160) Avoid merely relying on the information in the Case to answer the questions. Be sure to incorporate information from the chapter, and other sources as appropriate, to answer the Case questions, and site your sources where required. Your answers should be well prepared, follow proper writing and grammar rules and be comprehensive. Include examples, stats, etc. where appropriate. Be sure to support your positions with sound facts and examples. Use APA format for in-text citations and citing sources. [A full References page is not required; you may include your sources at the end of your Case – this will not count toward your page count]. As a guide, your submission should be approximately 1 12 – 2 pages in length. 1 present in our of ind insights come issions, meeting new Case Study 1 Yahoo Cuts the Cord on Telecommuiing, read: “It is critical that we are all present in Not everyone thinks telecommuting is ideal for their fices. Some of the best decisions and insights organizations. In early 2013, Marissa Mayer, who had from hallway and cafeteria discussions, meeting been named Yahoo’s new CEO less than a month ear people and impromptu team meetings. Tier, ended telecommuting at the struggling Internet- James Surowiecki, a writer for The New York search company. Yahoo’s decision surprised people agrees with Mayer. “It’s possible to have conversati because telecommuting is particularly prevalent in high-tech industries, particularly in Silicon Valley, like this online. But in most organizations they don’s where Yahoo is located. How could the firm hope to happen.” For a firm like Yahoo that relies on the next compete for employees in the area if it ended tele- great idea to stay ahead of the pack, that could be a commuting? One tech news outlet called it “the worst serious detriment. In addition, much of the value that decision Marissa Mayer has made in her tenure as Ya gets created in a company occurs when workers are hoo CEO.” in close proximity to one another and teach and learn Silicon Valley isn’t the only place where telecom from each other, Surowiecki says. He notes that it’s muting has taken off, though. Across the country, telling that the companies, like Google, have outfit- the number of employees telecommuting has grown ted their campuses with every perk imaginable to en by about 75 percent in the past six years. According courage employees to show up at the office. to some statistics, more than 3 million people, or Lastly, it’s possible Mayer doesn’t think telecom- roughly 10 percent of the workforce, telecommute muting is necessarily a bad practice but that a firm’s full time, and an estimated 16 percent telecommute HR and other policies can’t be set in stone if the com- one day a week. Many firms have embraced telecom- pany is going adapt to changing business conditions. muting, claiming that it leads to more productivity In other words, firms have to tailor their HR strate- and a better work-life balance. gies and the design of jobs to meet the conditions However, a recent survey by the independent they are facing. And the conditions Yahoo is facing research firm ORC International found that roughly as it struggles to keep pace with its competitors are 75 percent of people in the American workforce have currently dire. never commuted. And although most of the people surveyed thought telecommuters were very produc- tive, 29 percent of them said they believe telecommut- Discussion Questions ers spend most of their time “goofing off Reportedly, 1. How can a firm know when it’s a good idea to Mayer learned that many of Yahoo’s telecommuters implement telecommuting or not? weren’t logged onto Yahoo’s intranet when they were 2. Can you think of any other pros and cons related to supposed to be and that the company’s offices were telecommuting that aren’t mentioned in this case? nearly empty on Fridays. It’s also likely that Mayer thought some synergy was being lost by telecommuting because it left fewer Yahoo employees communicating face to face with one another.

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