Paper instructions:

For this assignment, you will adopt the role of an image analyst for a large media outlet. Your job is to analyze one client’s visual message in order to answer the question: “How does this visual’s message(s) about gender challenge or complicate society’s gender expectations?”

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Elucidate How visuals Message About Gender Challenges or Complicates Society’s Gender Expectations.
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To do this, you will write an approximately 1200-word memo to your supervising editor that 1) identifies the image’s audience and purpose; 2) explains how the image’s message about gender is conveyed through its design features; and 3) explains how this message challenges or complicates social expectations.  Explain the significance of the gendered messages in your chosen visual.

Analyze a visual message’s features and explain how they target a particular audience.

Describe the common portrayals of gender and discuss how these portrayals relate to

their social constructions.

Analyze the role visual media have in the social system of gender.

Use sources appropriately to support your claims.

Use correct memo format.

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