2 steps——-Personal Situation

Describe in one sentence, a personal case (situation) where you were in the process of making a purchase however, you abandoned it due to either a FRICTION or a GAP.

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Step 1 – Personal Case Study

What was the specific friction(s)and/or gap(s) in this situation that caused you to abandon?
How did this situation cause such a level of dissatisfaction that you abandoned the purchase?

Examples of FRICTIONS that will cause a consumer to abandon:

difficulty engaging in online sites,
confusing signage or pricing,
level of employee service,
amount of time spent completing a purchase,
limited or no assistance,
pressure tactics by sales associates,
second thoughts due to _____?______.

Examples of GAPS that will cause a consumer to abandon:
-limited information,
-unsatisfactory reviews,
-lack of or loss of trust,
-sales associate could not answer questions,
-determined purchase did not meet your core values,
-did not have in stock (e.g., at all, or in model/core/size you needed),
-had second thoughts due to some situational event (X).


STEP 2: Write an Actionable Strategy for Personal Case Study

Develop 1 Actionable Strategy that would have prevented your abandoning the purchase.

From your point-of-view (POV), develop an actionable strategy that the retailer/service provider could have used to move you to complete your purchase (conversion).  Your actionable strategy must include the following 3 elements of a successful strategy.  It must be:

What action by the sales associate/manager/brand would have convinced you to complete the purchase?
What additional resources would motivated you to complete the purchase?
What point in your path to purchase would this strategy have moved you to complete the purchase?

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