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An embryo has both a major and a minor duodenal papilla along with separate ventral and dorsal pancreatic ducts. In the embryo, the dorsal pancreatic duct is much larger than the ventral duct. As development progresses, the two ducts join and the dorsal duct undergoes varying degrees of atrophy at the duodenal end. This atrophy results in the ventral duct becoming the primary drain of pancreatic juice and it is to the ventral duct that the common bile duct joins. The pancreas divisum is a common congenital anatomical anomaly, occurring in about 10% of embryos, in which the ventral (main) and dorsal (accessory) pancreatic ducts DO NOT unite. MOST people with pancreas divisum experience no clinical symptoms that require treatment. In some individuals, pancreatitis develops. What effects on digestion do you expect to see in a person with pancreas divisum who develops pancreatitis? What lifestyle advice should be given to someone with pancreatitis? WHY?

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Effects On Digestion In A Person With Pancreas Divisum Who Develops Pancreatitis
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