Notice in your textbook there is a page called Point/ Counterpoint. We will use the same technique to discuss this week’s topic.

If your Last Name begins with a letter between A – M you will address side A
If your Last Name begins with a letter between N – Z you will address side B
You must respond to at least one peer’s post from each group A and B (totaling 1 essay and 2 posts to peers).

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You must also respond to the feedback peers leave you.

You must include a minimum of 3 scholarly articles (not text books) in your argument and must post them under the Discussion 1 Discussion Debate Article Share area on the previous screen with the title as Last Name first author, Date and Title.

When responding to a peer, you must be familiar with the articles they are referring to. Always keep to your side of the argument. Note. The essay should equal between 2-3 pages in APA style. Cut and paste the essay directly into the discussion but attach the .doc file. Post your initial post under Side A or Side B no later than Wednesday. The discussion closes on Sunday. Make sure, as always, to submit the essay to the turnitin dropbox.

Topic: “Should students be grouped according to ability?”

Side A: Yes, Students should be grouped according to ability.
Side B: No, Students should not be grouped according to ability.

My last name ends with the letter M. So I will have to write about Side A.

The book for this class is:

Woolfolk, A. (2015). Educational psychology (13th ed.). [Loose leaf with access card.] Boston, MA: Pearson.
ISBN: 9780134013527

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