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Assessment Brief
Program Bachelor of Business
College William Blue College of Hospitality Management APM College of Business and Communication
Code and Subject Visitor Economy Product Dynamics
Assessment Assessment 4 – Presentation
Group or Individual Individual
Length 20 minutes
Learning Outcomes
a) Define the rationale for, and purpose of, an event within the context of the visitor economy.
b) Describe the impacts of events within the visitor economy and the broader
c) Identify the relationship between other industries in the visitor economy and key stakeholders in the events industry
d) Identify the strategic tools required to plan events in relation to developing the visitor economy
Submission Date Week 10 and11
Total Marks 100 marks
Weighting 20%
Assessment Brief:
The Presentation –
As the event organiser, you are pitching the event to the main stakeholders (local community,
businesses, government, sponsors, volunteers etc) and trying to sell them on your vision for how the
event should proceed in the future. Although based on the details from the report, your aim here is
to be as visual and dynamic in your approach as possible. Use videos, images, graphs, tables,
brochures and handouts to paint as dynamic and clear picture of your plan as possible.
In 20 minutes, you are to present the key points of your plan, providing just the right amount of
detail using visual aids. *Minimal reading from notes or text on slides is a must.
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HET102A Presentation Marking Guide
HD 4.3-5
Credit 3.3-3.7
Pass 2.6-3.2
Fail (A) 2-2.5
Fail(B) 2>
Presents clear introduction background and
situation of the event
Chosen event is clearly outlined
The content is interesting and informative
Demonstrates wide research on the topic
Comments: _____________________________________________________________________
HD 8.5-10
Dist 7.5-8.4
Credit 6.5-7.4
Pass 5-6.4
Fail (A) 4-4.9
Fail(B) 4>
Key aspects of the event are highlighted
How the event supports the visitor economy is
clearly outlined
Identified any relevant issues/impacts of the
Integration of key theory/concepts is
Demonstrates depth of knowledge of the
Comments: _____________________________________________________________________
Presentation Skills
HD 5.1-6
Credit 3.9-4.4
Pass 3-3.8
Fail (A) 2.9-2.5
Fail(B) 2.5>
Appropriate timing
Audio visual materials support the
Speakers first-hand knowledge and audience
Properly supported and referenced
Delivery (voice projection, eye contact)

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