Discussion #1
During an economic recession, discuss how management’s or a union’s bargaining power might be affected. Give an appropriate business example to illustrate what you mean, support it with at least one reference.
Please interact with at least one classmate.
Discussion #2
Locate and briefly summarize a case decision where an employer or union was found guilty of bad faith bargaining ( or not!). Briefly summarize the decision and explain whether you agree or disagree with the outcome.
Make sure to post the URL and the full APA reference.
Please interact with two of your classmates.
Discussion #3
We are at the mid-point in our course!
Please provide feedback on how you are progressing toward the learning outcomes stated for the course. Share, in addition, a tip or recommendation you have for the rest of the class for staying focused, organized and successful for the rest of the course.
You don’t need to interact and you don’t need a reference.

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