Research 5 types of mountains. For each type provide an image, describe physical characteristics along with how they formed, and apply Plate Tectonics to the kind of mountain building.
Pick a mountain range: Andes, Alps, Appalachians, Himalayas, or Rockies. Describe and defend the type of mountain formation.
Research earthquakes and write a detailed summary of the different types of earthquakes and where they are located around the world and why are they located in specific locations.
Could humans live in places along the Wasatch Front?
How does plate tectonics explain where and why earthquakes and volcanoes occur where they do?
What role do earthquakes and volcanoes have on civilization? What benefits do they bring us?
How could understanding Earth’s tectonic forces help save lives?
What beneficial roles do tectonic forces have ecologically and for humanity?
The essay needs to be a minimum of 2000 words and sources cited in APA format. Images embedded in your paper would be nice. Save word document, upload, and submit for grading.


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Earthquakes and Mountain Building
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