Each student will select a Healthcare reform topic (2 students max per topic). Each student willresearch their assigned topic individually. Each student will record a presentation of their topicfor the class and will share it in the course discussion board (either by uploading directly or bysharing a link to the presentation). Lastly, students will use the concepts and analyticalunderstanding gained during the course to address their Healthcare Reform topics in a 12-pagePolicy Paper (either for or against the topic) each student will submit their own paper for anindividual paper grade. It will be 12 pages (double-spaced 12 pt. professional publishing font,excluding title and reference pages), using APA 6th edition format. References must be cited inAPA format. *Sources for this information: journals, books, internet, government documents,interviews, transcripts of people involved in the issue. Try to cover the issue, but be concise,identifying key points.1.Provide an overview of the issue, describing briefly what it encompasses2.Evaluate the social, cultural & organizational factors which put it on the healthcare reform agenda3.What effects would there be from this issue from the perspective of economic impact on the nation, and on individual persons?4.What are the political ramifications (if any) if Congress supports this issue?5.What are the major influences that shape this issue?6.Who are the people (groups, agencies, persons) most likely to benefit or lose from this issue if it becomes policy? must discuss pertinent information/literature that supports your position8.Discuss any other viable options/positions regarding this issue9.Each student will discuss any major problems associated with this position ..

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Each student will select a Healthcare reform topic (2 stude
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