I have selected a topic and submitted it to my instructor for
approval . I chose a topic of an area that interest me.
Once it is approved I will update you to prepare a brief outline that is due
by February 28th along with the topic. The paper is due March 21st
My paper should be between 5-12 double spaced pages. APA (7
th edition) formatting should be used for the paper. If my paper is longer, that is fine, just
make sure to cover the content thoroughly. Reference list must be included. A
grading rubric will be posted along with this assignment in blackboard that I will attach. Due
March 21, 2021.

To get full points you must:
i. Take a clear position on the topic.
ii. Discuss at a critical level.
iii. Have at least five references. These references can be different
chapters from the book, class readings, or other materials.
iv. Organize your discussion in a clear manner.
v. Write between 5- 12 double spaced pages

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