Assignment Instructions:
Using the Personal Monthly Budget template found in Microsoft Excel, create a personal record of your money coming in and money going out by completing entries under the Projected column of the spreadsheet. You will NOT be submitting this spreadsheet as this is your personal information. For this assignment, write a summary of what you learn from this exercise.

Does your income exceed your expenses?
If so, how much are you saving each month and is it enough? How do you know it is enough?
If not, what are your goals for addressing the deficit (i.e. job change, cut back on expenses, etc)
How is your short-term savings—if you had an emergency, would you have enough in savings to handle the situation?
Why is a savings account important? How much do you need to have in savings? What are some tips to accumulating savings?
What else did you learn from this budgeting exercise that could help you and/or your family finances going forward?
Write a 1-2 page paper that addresses these questions after completing your budget worksheet.

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Use the template provided. Follow APA format, including a title page, introduction, conclusion, citations, and a minimum of one scholarly reference (not Wikipedia or Investopedia). See the attached PPT file. Turnitin report of no more than 20% similarity index is required.



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