Accounting Group:

In her Accounting class, Alexis’s group had to create a portfolio of a company’s quarterly records. Alexis liked the class, but working with the group was a nightmare. At first, everything was fine. They elected Todd as the group leader. He outlined each step of the project and made sure everyone was doing her or his job. Then, everything fell apart. Jennifer and a few others ignored Todd’s proposal and did their own thing. The rest thought Todd had a pretty good plan, so they stuck with his idea. Eventually, everyone compromised when all agreed that they should not let things get personal but just focus on doing the portfolio.

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Does Todd become the leader of the group through endorsement or authorization?
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Based on this information, write an essay answering the following questions:

Does Todd become the leader of the group through endorsement or authorization? What sort of specialist is Todd, and what sort of cohesion does he try to instill? What sort of coalitions developed in the group? Quote or paraphrase the part of the story that you believe reflects each concept you use to answer these questions.

Writing/Rhetorical Goals:

A good essay for Part I of this assignment will probably require roughly 1-2 pages. Do not just list the questions and respond to them in a list. Your essay should look like an essay with a broad introduction that sets the context and a broad conclusion that pulls the various elements together and provides a summary or closure. It should be organized into paragraphs with related content together in the same paragraph and with transitions and paragraph headings that help convey your narrative or your argument.

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