1. Critique the article in Appendix A of the text. Use this article in Appendix A to answer the following critique questions in Boxes: 5.2, 6.3, or 7.1. Your instructor will assign each student a box to answer the questions from.
2. This Assignment requires 300 or more words (not including Title Page and Reference Page), with minimum of 2 references. Proofreading for spelling, grammar, and punctuation is needed – along with SPA formatting for the references.
The following questions need to be answered for this paper:
Box 7.1
Does the review seem thorough and up-to-date? Does it include major studies on the topic? Does it include recent research?
Does the review rely on appropriate materials (e.g., mainly on research reports, using primary sources)?
Is the review merely a summary of existing work, or does it critically appraise and compare key studies? Does the review identify important gaps in the literature?
Is the review well organized? Is the development of ideas clear?
Does the review use appropriate language, suggesting the tentativeness of prior findings? Is the review objective? Does the author paraphrase, or is there an over reliance on quotes from original sources?

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Does the review seem thorough and up-to-date?
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