Activity 6.1: Consumer Protection
For the first paragraph, based on your reading of Chapter 24, discuss honesty and truth-telling in advertising.
What is the role and responsibility of marketers?
What is the most important function of a marketing employee or firm?
What are the functions of a label, and how should labeling be approached ethically?
For the second paragraph
Discuss the issues involved in credit protection. Why is this so critical to individuals and business?
What can be done to help the younger population and recent college graduates be wiser and more careful about debt loads?
For the third paragraph:
Select one of the Business case problems on p. 532 and discuss the questions and issues posed there.
Activity 6.2: Environmental Law
Use the first paragraph, based on Chapter 25, to describe the importance and role of common law actions and liabilities relating to environmental law.
What does that mean for each individual citizen vs. the collective values of the whole?
What does it mean for your business?
For the second paragraph:
Discuss the role of federal, state, and local environmental regulations. Who should be primarily responsible for the creation and the implementation and enforcement of these regulations?
In analyzing the costs and benefits of an action that affects the environment, should the line of responsibility be drawn at a nation’s borders?  If not, where else and why?
For the third paragraph:
Discuss the legal issues surrounding the disposal or computers and related products, many of which contain hazardous substances.  Who should be liable if disposal results in harm to the environment or to individuals?  Include concepts from Chapter 25 in your response.
Further: define and describe the importance of and describe the best means of limiting public exposure to, (choose one): Air pollution; water pollution; toxic chemicals, hazardous wastes.
Activity 6.3: Administrative Agencies
For the first paragraph, describe a particular administrative agency that operates in the U.S.
What work does it do?
Do you think that the agency is doing a good job or not? Why/not?
Are there any alternatives to replace or reduce the work of this agency?
Do you suggest that this would be better? Why/not?
For the second paragraph, describe how the administration of agency law can be fair when it might be done outside of a court of law.
Do you think this is fair? Why/not?
For the third paragraph, describe the role of the courts with regard to what administrative agencies do?
Does the law need more or fewer court interventions in admin.? Activities? Why/Not.
What role does the agency procedure act

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