Please review the pdf file attached about United Airlines flight 232. Prepare a 500-word document discussing how those involved in the incident exhibited characteristics of mitigation, preparedness, communications, response, and recovery.

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Do flight schools limit student pilot access to aircraft keys?
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Using the attached file of Security Guidelines for General Aviation Airport Operators and Users, prepare a security inspection checklist which contains a minimum of 25 questions for a security auditor to consider. Security questions should take the form of a yes/no question which indicates compliance or non-compliance with the security measure. For example, “Do flight schools limit student pilot access to aircraft keys?” or “Do airport identifications include a unique identification number?”
In reality, a comprehensive checklist would have many hundreds of questions, but you only need to prepare a checklist which has at least 25 questions.
You may choose to create your security inspection checklist in either MS Excel or MS Word.

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