Diversity in the MediaReview the module resources and overview, then select a popular culture example. (It can be a television show, a commercial, a game, a movie, etc.). Analyze the representation and social message that is associated with the example. If you would like, you can select a particular episode of a show.In your initial post, briefly describe the popular culture example you selected and address the following: What is the composition of the primary characters, and what groups within diversity do they represent? What is the latent (or unintended) social message or commentary about a particular group to society that is reflected by this example? What are the social implications of this message? Briefly discuss any potential social impact or response to the example.Make sure you support your response with the readings from this module, and any additional resources if needed.Connections must be made from the readings from this module and are attached below. ..

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Diversity in the MediaReview the module resources and overview,
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