Summarize the below into 3 to 4 lines Functions It is undoubtedly the primary objective of construction operations. However, it’s not completely managed by the maintenance chief. The maintenance manager typically works with a fixed company budget. One ought to find the right way to allocate this project to various aspects of the budgets of the maintenance department and to find a way to keep it running (Rastegari et al, 2016). Nonetheless, cost management is also necessary, as certain expenses are going to be more used than others by the company’s funds. Imagine, for example, a case in which the repair manager must buy a spare component for some factory equipment. It could be important to distinguish between a cheaper and more expensive component that is not robust. Planning requires the distribution of time and job capital for the most efficient purpose. A management must have a clear knowledge of how the business functions best for him, as this helps him determine the priority rates of the different operations. And also find a condition in a paper factory in which the supply truck and the train carriage need maintenance. If the repair manager gives priority to the vehicle, so paper materials will arrive on time to the customers. Then it would be a tough job to push the document across the factory, as the railway does not work. Yet if the forklift is priority, the reverse is true. With an optimum outcome, the boss has to know which tasks to prioritize.

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Distinguish Between a Cheaper and More Expensive Component that is not Robust
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