Use the Capstone Template and write the Lit Review in the correct format template attached in the Additional Instruction. (CapstoneTemplate.doc). PLEASE use the template!!!

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*****Use Capstone Template****Discuss  the Psychology Effects of Obesity in teens and adulthood. (Healthcare issue). Select a problem that has applications relevant to evidence-based nursing practice.  Start with a general or broad statement or question, then become more specific. Include at least two statistics about the nursing problem or issue and cite the sources in APA format (Author, Year).
****Use Capstone  Template****In a new paragraph, describe briefly a new approach to the problem, possible solution, or a bundle of interventions that is being used or proposed. Define terms if necessary. Cite at least one source for the intervention you want to research.
*****Use Capstone Template*****Start a new paragraph and clearly state the purpose of your paper. Examples: The purpose of this paper is to review the literature on …. and to determine the best practices for ….. OR The focus of this paper is to search for the best evidence related to ……
Explain why you chose this problem and how it is important to nursing.
Avoid using personal pronouns (I, me, my) in a professional paper like this. Use passive tense and generalizations like “This topic was chosen because nurses play an important role in preventing …”. OR “This is an important topic to research because some nurses have seen….”

Start reference list alphabetically in APA format. All citations in text should be in reference list and all items in reference list should be cited somewhere in the paper (including secondary sources). All citations in text should be in (Author, Year) format, per APA manual. Do NOT put the full article title or journal name in the sentences or paragraphs.

APA format for this paper: ***Use the provided template**** You may change name of headings to fit your paper, but keep the format of headings (centered, left flush, and indented subheadings). Start typing each paragraph indented 5 spaces. Every line is double spaced, including block quotes and reference list. Do NOT add extra spaces before headings or between paragraphs. Use this template or make sure word processing software so that line spacing is 2 lines (Word default is 1/1/2) and edit the page layout so that 0 spaces are placed before and after paragraphs (Word default adds spacing). Keep at least one inch margins.
PICOT, Search Strategy, and Articles (major heading left flush)

In the paper, state the PICOT Question which you will be using to guide your literature search, in this format (including the initials and parentheses (P) (I) (C) (O) (T) after each segment): In ___________ (P), how does ____________ (I) compared to __________(C) affect ___________ (O) within ______________ (T)?

Search one or more professional databases from  to find two nursing research articles, using some of the terms from your PICOT question.

Select the two best articles (Just provide website link  for download of PDF files so It can be attach to assignment).

In the paper: 1) describe your search strategy.
2) Include which databases you searched, what key words were used, and what limiters were added.
3) State the approximate number of articles that came up on the first search and how you adjusted it down to find the most relevant and highest level of evidence available for your topic.
4) Cite the two articles you selected in (Author, Year) format and add them to the reference list if not there already. Do NOT list the title of articles or journals. Do NOT describe them in this section.
5) Include in your paper the paragraph and bulleted list of levels of evidence (LOE) scale (Already in Capstone Template just copy and paste)
6) Explain why this level was chosen for your study

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