Textbook: The Developing Person through the life span, 11th edition 2020 by Berger, K
Each chapter question of the essay should be ONE page.

Chapter one: ONE PAGE
Think about belief you hold that is in disagreement with your parent, grandparent, or other adult relative or friend. This belief may concern marriage, cohabitation, education, drug and alcohol use, the role of men and women, child rearing practices, and so forth. Describe your perspective on the topic and then describe your parents or grandparents perspective. How has the historical context in which you grew up and the historical context in which your parent grew influenced your differences on this issue? If culture, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, race, religion, or other factors have influence on the topic, bring in that also.

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Discussing the interaction of genes and environmental in the development of addictions
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Chapter Two: SECOND PAGE
Summarize the contributions and criticisms of the major developmental theories, and describe the electric perspective of contemporary developmentalist. In your essay discuss both the grand and emerging or newer theories discussed in your textbook.

Chapter Three: THIRD PAGE
Discuss the interaction of genes and environmental in the development of addictions. Next, select any trait of yours and explain all the possible influences that nature and nurture may have on it. For example, if you are somewhat shy, discuss what some inherited traits may be along with what learned habits or other environmental factors may contribute to the trait.

Chapter Four: FOURTH PAGE
Explain the main goal of teratology, and discuss several factors that determine whether a specific teratogen will be harmful. Could you easily follow the health recommendations for women, before, during and after pregnancy? Would it be more difficult to follow the recommendations if your family, your partner or you yourself did not really plan for or want a baby?

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