Discuss the DELIVERY STYLE of a TED Talk.  Select any speaker that you wish to.

Go to
https://www.ted.com/ (Links to an external site.)

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Discussing the DELIVERY STYLE of a TED Talk
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(If this link does not open directly from Blackboard, copy and paste it into a separate window of your browser.)

(watch one complete video; most speeches are 10 to 18 minutes long.)

2. Comment on several of the issues discussed in Chapter 13 about Delivery.

VOICE: Volume, pitch, rate, pauses, variety, pronunciation, articulation, dialect

BODY: Posture, facial expression, gestures, eye contact

3. Use the format below. Include the URL (website address) of the speech you watched.

Name of Speaker
Title of Speech

What I liked: (write 2-3 sentences, or more)

What I disliked: (write 2-3 sentences, if needed)

Write 2-3 sentences describing what you learned, so that you can improve your own delivery.

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