Section1. Along with dietary assessment, history and physical examination are fundamental in the clinical assessment of nutritional status. Research, introduce and discuss a specific physical sign associated with a particular nutritional deficiency or excess.

Section 2. According to Ann Coulston in her book the Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease: “Nutritional status assessment is incomplete without assessing the intake of dietary supplements … because supplements provide many essential nutrients and other bioactive substances that affect health outcomes and disease.” Discuss the considerations, tools and approaches used in the assessment of dietary supplements.

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Discussing the considerations, tools and approaches used in the assessment of dietary supplements
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Section 3.  Dietary Record Keeping, 24-Hour Dietary Recall, Food Frequency Questionnaires and Brief Dietary Assessment Instruments are some of the tools used to investigate clinical nutrition status in individuals. Discuss the pros/cons, limitations and issues associated with these or other assessment tools you’ve learned about.

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