Submit: Nursing Theory, Role Development, and Innovation Part II – Presentation
Assignment Objectives:

Demonstrate use of presentation software.
Demonstrate library and literature search skills.
Discuss nursing theory as it relates to practice.
Articulate the four phenomena of the metaparadigm in nursing theory.
Articulate one nursing theorist’s ideas in a presentation.
Demonstrate the ability to articulate ideas.
Part II Directions:

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Discussing nursing theory as it relates to practice
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Part II of this assignment is worth 15% of the course grade.

Design a professional presentation to the class based on your paper.

The presentation will be a visual representation of the nursing theory written about in your paper and how the four phenomena of the metaparadigm of nursing are viewed by the theorist.
Be sure to add speaker notes and write the speaker notes as if you were presenting to an audience of other nurses.
Use the PowerPoint Presentation GuidelinesPreview the document to help you create your presentation.
The Emerging Nursing Theory Project Presentation RubricPreview the document will be used as a framework for grading your presentation.

Required Slide Titles: 6-8 total slides

Nursing Theory and Practice
Metaparadigm of Nursing
References (in APA format)

This assignment is a component of this program’s “Outcome Assessment Plan” which evaluates student’s critical thinking.  Students who receive less than 77% will be required to modify until a passing grade has been reached. The student’s original grade will be the only one counted toward the final grade.

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