Paper instrucions:

Roughly aiming for a high B, low A for an A levels politics standard. Political figures that do not hold formal power but hold significant political power/influence.

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Discuss why the Dark Arts of Politics are Becoming More/Less Important.
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Please write about these people ; Dominic cummings, Kissinger and Roger stone

If you do not wish to write about 1 of these people, I do not mind your preference. It can be in any part of history; even the Romans and Greeks

Here is my task below

Define the terms

Identify case studies – selection in terms of time and place
Describe and analyse each case study
Compare case studies, looking for similarities and differences
Suggest reasons for the differences e.g. changes in technology, and try to pin down the key, unchanging themes

Reach a substantiated conclusion – have the dark arts of politics become more/less important? Or have the tools just changed? What are your predictions for the future?

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