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LUUUUUI When implementing a safety and health program, management leadership does not need employee participation. O a) True O b) False Effective management of worker safety and health programs has a) Stopped all on-site injuries Ob) Improve employee productivity and morale in the workplace c) Cost companies more money d) Become a waste of time Nearly_ of all serious occupational injuries and illnesses stem from overexertion of repetitive motion. O a) 1/2 O b) 1/4 O c) All O d) 1/3 Training is a way for employers to provide to enable employees to protect themselves and others from injuries. O a) Ideas Ob) Tools O c) Interactions O d) Money Under OSHA, employees are not protected from discrimination when reporting a work-related injury, illness, or fatality. O a) True Ob) False All employers covered by the OSH Act are covered by Part b regulations, which required employers to record and report injuries and illnesses. a) 1908 Ob) 1904 Oc) 1100 d) 1503 Employers are not required to keep a record of an employee who has the flu. O a) True O b) False Employers are not required to have conspicuously posted OSHA notices informing employees of their protections and obligations, and for assistance and information a) True Ob) False Citations must be contested within__working days of the notice of proposed penalty. O a) 15 O b) 10 O c) 30 od) 7 The employer must comply with an employee’s or employee representative’s request to examine and copy abatement documents within a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5

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