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companies in many be used to compare these industries from an operations and supply chain view to better understand differences. Be prepared for a lively class discussion for this session. Step 1: Pick an industry that you find interesting. This may be driven by a company by which you would like to be employed or by some other factor. Within the industry, identify three companies that compete with one another. To ensure comparability, and then find and enter the company stock symbol. The industry is shown in the “Company Profile” data. Find three companies that are in the same industry. Step 2: Collect data related to each company. At a mini- mum, find the cash conversion cycle time, receivables turnover, inventory turnover, and asset turnover for each company. These data are available under “Key Ratios.” Then, select “Full Key Ratios Data,” and finally “Effi- ciency Ratios” on the website. Step 3: Compare the companies based on what you have found. Which company has the best operations and sup- ply chain processes? Which company is most efficient in its use of credit? Which company makes the best use of its facility and equipment assets? Step 4: What insights can you draw from your analysis? What could your companies learn from benchmarking each other?

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Discuss What Could Companies Learn From Benchmarking Each Other.
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