Question What are learning theories? Discuss the learning theories of development and describe how you have understood their theory towards growth and development: specifically discuss Piaget, Vygotsky, Bowlby, John Locke, etc Why is understanding prenatal development important in understanding human growth? • Define heredity, reproduction and prenatal development • Discuss stages of prenatal development What is early childhood? • Describe nature and nurture • Discuss early childhood development in relation to: Cognitive development Language development Social and emotional development What do you understand by middle childhood? • Share your experiences with your friends/peers • Discuss growth patterns in terms of motor skills, brain development, developmental disorders and also in terms of cognitive development; reasoning, problem solving, working memory and learning literacy and numeracy • Discuss social and emotional development in middle childhood What is adolescent? Discuss adolescent development including theories and approaches • Discuss stages of adolescence including brain development • How can adults support adolescents who face issues during this period • What is early adulthood? • What is middle adulthood? • What is late adulthood? • Discuss all of the above in terms of physical development, cognitive development and psychosocial development Indigenous and Pacific Theories and Frameworks • Define diversities, differences and inclusivity How can you embrace the three concepts above in terms of understanding human development

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Discuss What are Learning Theories.
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