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Attempt All Questions. All Questions carry equal marks (20Marks). QUESTION ONE (20MARKS) XYZ Ltd is suffering an economic downturn, and the workforce needs to be reduced. Upper- level managers are debating the costs and benefits of various employee separations. Ted argues that the company needs to make immediate cuts to both management and labor. The cuts need to be made in such a way that the scope of the company and its markets are not affected. The firm needs to do more with fewer people according to Ted. Other managers want to take a long- term, less traumatic approach. According to Lily, the firm has time to consider the problems and gradually reduce the workforce rather than making sudden staff cuts. Lily points out that 35% of the workforce is over age 55. Top management wants the least disruptive reduction process possible and has therefore, asked you, the director of HR, to lead a ‘lay-off” planning session to ensure this. a) Discus two (2) layoff alternatives that are available to your firm. (6marks) b) If layoffs become necessary, discuss three ways (3) by which your firm can maintain the morale of employees who survive the layoff. (9marks) c) Explain, at least two (2) ways by which outplacement services can be used to improve the morale and self-esteem of displaced workers. (5marks)
QUESTION TWO (20MARKS) It has been said that to have an organisation that looks forward to the future and tries to stay alive and prosper in a changing world, there must be active, vigorous, continuous and creative planning. Hence, the greater need for planning the right man for the right job’ and developing him into an effective team member. As Human Resource Director of a reputable firm and having estimated labour demand and supply for a future period, a) Discuss two (2) measures each you would put in place when faced with the following conditions: i. Demand exceeds supply. (6marks) ii. Supply exceeds demand. (6marks) b) Examine the concept of ’employee separation’; and discuss two (2) measures that could be adopted to reduce labour turnover. (8marks) PDF

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Discuss Ways by Which a Firm can Maintain the Morale of Employees who Survive the Layoff.
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