Ancona’s leadership framework comprises of four leadership capabilities. Select a leader of your choice and discuss relating as one of the leadership capabilities that your selected leader portrays. of the organisation. spent the first few months at Relating refers to the development of key relationships within and across Relating58 organisations. The core capabilities of relating are inquiry, advocacy and connecting Inquirys refers to the ability of a leader to listen and understand what others are thinking and feeling. Inquiry therefore requires the leader to suspend judgement, to listen without imposing his or her own view and to understand the other person’s point of view. The opening case study relates how Mr Nxasana uses his ability to remain quiet and listen to understand the viewpoint of others. Advocacy refers to a leader’s opinions and ability to take a stand. It involves being clear about his or her own point of view and the ability to explain the merits of their view to others whilst being open to alternative views. Advocacy also involves the ability of leaders to take responsibility for their biases and judgements and acknowledging when they were wrong. Connectingo entails that a leader cultivates a set of people who help each other to accomplish their goals . It refers to the ability of a leader to build collaborative relationships with others and to create coalitions for change.

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