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Which of the following is NOT related to four steps to building a better network by Cross and Thomas (2011)? To strategize is to involve talents who are skillful at multiple areas. To analyze is to identify the people in your network and determine what you get out of interacting with them. To de-layer is to make some hard decisions to back away from redundant and energy-sapping relationships. To diversify is to build your network out with the right kind of people who will help you achieve your goals. To capitalize is to make sure you are using your contacts as effectively as you can 10. “U, PP. ULUU. Building Network: Competitiveness Leonardi, Paul; Contractor, Noshir (2018). “Better People Analytics”, Harvard Business Review. Vol. 96 No. 6, pp. 70-81. (Team 2) Tansiti, Marco., Lakhani, Karim R. (2017). “Managing our hub economy: Strategy, ethics, and network competition in the age of digital superpowers”, Harvard Business Review. Vol. 95 No. 5, pp. 84-92. Supply Chain Rasie.

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Discuss the Steps of Building a Better Network
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