1. Discuss the sources of power available to persons working in state bureaucratic organizations. Describe how the governor, the legislature, and the courts help make bureaucratic power accountable to elected officials.
2. What is a “Local Growth Machine”? Discuss how it operates, which groups typically join it, and why these groups participate in it. In the course of your essay, explain the importance of land in local politics.
3. Identify and explain how federal policies, especially those dealing with housing, transportation, and urban renewal, influenced the development of the modern metropolis. Explain the nature of local politics given such forces as sprawl, growth, and fragmentation within a region.

4. Describe Elazar’s three types of political culture. How well does Elazar’s concept of “political culture” help to explain state and local public policies in ways that the concept “economic development” does not?
5. Describe the three types of direct democracy devices used in many states. What are some strengths and weaknesses of using such devices? Be sure to consider the role of interest groups, citizens’ capacities, and election campaign environments.
6.Identify several important factors associated with voter turnout in state and local elections. What can state and local governments do to increase voter turnout?

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Discuss the sources of Power Available to persons Working in State Bureaucratic Organizations
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