Paper instructions:

Examine the recruiting advertisements of two similar service-oriented organizations. Then go to the companies’ websites and examine their stated human resources and employee development policies. Answer the following questions:

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Discuss the Similarities and Differences of the Required Competencies in the Job ads.
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1. Can you tell anything from the job ads about the companies’ mission and values? Analyze and explain. (4 marks)

2. What are the similarities and differences of the required competencies in the job ads? (6 marks)

3. Are the messages in their print ads consistent with the statements in their websites? Yes/No and what are you seeing as inconsistent? (3 marks)


4. What is their approach to collecting resumes and creating an applicant pool? What are your thoughts on the process and is it effective? (5 marks) In your assignment copy and paste the job ads you are comparing so that I have context to your responses. If this is not done I will not be marking the corresponding questions and as a result your grade on the assignment will be significantly impacted.

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