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4 points QUESTION 4 Which of the following is not a function of a manager’s role? 0 Informational b. Political advisor Interpersonal Od Decisional 4 points QUESTION 13 Which part of the Organizational Planning process is where you hold planning and operational reviews? Monitor and learn Ob Develop the plan Plan operations Od Performance management 4 points QUESTION 20 An is an organizational program that provides a safe harbor where employees can generate and develop ideas without interference from company bureaucracy or politics. Idea incubator Skunk works Think tank d. Creative pod 20 points QUESTION 21 Essay ” (CHOOSE 1 ONLYII – Total 20 points – 23 paragraphs in length – fully develop your essay and provide examples 1. There are 4 major management functions. What are they and explain why each one is so very important to a manager (Chapter 1> 2. In order for firms to thrive in today’s competitive markets, they must constantly innovate more in order to survive. What are the (3) innovation strategies available to managers and describe in detail the importance of each (Chapter 8) 3. What are the (3) stages (levels) of personal moral development and describe the relationship between employee and manager behavior in each (Chapter 4) *Again. Choose only 1 essay.uestion **

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