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Which of the following is a responsibility of customer towards the contractor. Select one: O a. Satisfy the contractor O b. End the work within budget O c. Customer furnished Information O d. Create teamwork Assessment behavior in quality management focus on Select one: a. Inspection and reaction method O b. Long term planning O c. Individuals O d. Processes development High competition in a new RFP leads to Select one O a. Low technical risk ob. Low profits O c. High profits d. High technical risk Resistance to change is a result of: Select one: O a. Organizational structure b. Contract type O c Not approved request O d. Lake of trust Low construction risk push the owner to select which of following contract types? Select one: a. Cost Reimbursement Contract b. BOT contract O c. Lump sum contract d. DBO

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Discuss the Responsibilities of Customer Towards the Contractor.
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