Paper instructions:

For this Written Assignment: you are asked to obtain your choice of two (2) articles on Alzheimer’s Disease* from either a credible on-line or hard-copy source.

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After reading them please do the following:

1. Read both articles

2. Create a 2 1/2-3 page assignment following the directives below.

3. Identify five (5) key points from each articles (be sure to identify the name and source at the top of your submission). I am not requiring specific formats for this; just be sure to be accurate about the sources to the best of your ability).

4. For each of those points, be sure to number and discuss them in 1-2 paragraphs each. Basically; you are telling me what you learned by reading about that point.

5. When concluding; briefly (1/2 page) discuss any differences or evolved perspectives you see between the two articles.

6. Last but not least, please know that while this is to be completed professionally as all assignments of course would be, it is not intended to be highly stressful. Rather it is an opportunity to look beyond our text for information and to begin to become familiar with other approaches to the topic.

*If  you would like to substitute a different age-related degenerative disease, please contact the Professor well in advance of the weekend this is due for permission to do so. Others would include Parkinson’s Disease, Other Dementia’s or Stroke-Related medical conditions. (The goal is to examine medical impacts of aging on the brain, so traditional mental health topics would not be a fit for this assignment.)


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