Paper instructions:

Are you a global citizen? Write a reflective essay on the ways in which you relate to time, space, and community. In your essay, you must explicitly draw on the course readings.
You will need to cite at least two different authors from the syllabus. Please note that this means you are drawing on at least two different sources/authors. You may of course cite the same author multiple times in your paper, but this counts as citing only one author.
A central goal of this essay is to show that you deeply understand and can synthesize the course material. To this end I encourage you to integrate as many relevant course ideas as you can, while still maintaining focus and a coherent argument. The essay question is of course quite broad and can be answered in a number of ways. I am looking less for a particular answer/argument than demonstration that you understand the course material and can present a coherent discussion of some of the important themes we’ve covered.
Additionally, it is very important that your paper be well written. Make sure you proof-read it before submitting it.
Please include a bibliography with the final draft of your paper (this should be in addition to the 5-6 essay pages). You do not need to include a title page. Please limit your essay to six pages.

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