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Review Questions Question 8 Consider the following scenario to interact with a school learning management application/ website then answer the following question Explain what is the visual path and what are the steps that can help in designing the visual path of PowerLearn and provide an example.  Children are among the most affected groups in society because of the coronavirus pandemic. Worldwide, millions of children are isolated from peers due to school closures and other regulations imposed by authorities as measures against the spread of COVID-19. Online learning has been used to support the continuity and sustainability of education. This increased the responsibility on parents to follow-up with their childrens’ education. Schools started using e-platforms to facilitate the management of students’ learning and makes it easier for parents to monitor the progress of their children. PowerLearn is an application that enriches children’s education and streamlines communication with the parents. PowerLearn is available in a web-based school software platform as well as in a mobile version for teachers, parents, and students. The use of the software helps both parents and students to monitor the academic development and makes it easier for teachers to report on the progress of their students. It is used to post assignments and much more that become available 24/7 for students and parents. PowerLearn allows parents to access classrooms and follow up with their children academic performance.

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Discuss the Reason why Children are the Most Affected Groups in Society Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic.
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